Dear Censored, 

Ann Coulter gives you a shout out along with milo in this interview. She essentially credits you as OG for Trump and then blasts Trump for not protecting you from being de-platformed. 
I was thinking about it and think she’s right. Trump is the friend who never pays for his round of beers.


Dear Censored, 

Apparently there is some show called ‘SMothered’, and it’s wild. How are people like this?

Thank you for new sunglasses,


(Some guys talking about this… monstrosity)
Mother And Daughter Go For A “Couples” Booty Clean On SMothered

Dear Censored, 

I thought I’d just send in a clip that made me laugh and thought you’d get a kick.  The content is only 3 minutes long but the Autist who made it put credits at the end.  


Dear Censored, 

New science backed Video

Dear Censored, 

Hello from Germany. I wanted to send you this long article that shows what the Alt-Right truly is.
Richard Spencer has been exposed as an anti-Christian, muslim-loving, third-worldist, crypto-communist who simply hates the West.
The article shows how the Alt-Right how gone full retard, especially since the start of the pandemic.
Prominent Alt-Righters have constructed a false dilemma, whereby anyone who doesn’t support Palestine and muslims in general is somehow  “Pro-Zionism”.Red Ice TV was attacked on Twitter by the Alt-Right for making a hit piece on Spencer behind the pay wall after this article was posted. 
It’s very long but please share it for those who would like to dedicate time to find out how Spencer isan anti-West fed.


Dear Censored, 

Gavin, I know your lack of chin has plagued you for centuries, but I have found a solution! Orthognathic surgery took this 3.9 and turned her into a 5.6! Just imagine what it could do for you! Your days of looking like a turtle with aids are over, and you can now look forward to resembling a turtle with a big sexy chin!

Thank you for your service,


Dear Censored, 

In case you ever update the Top 25 Hottest Chicks list, consider adding this French smokeshow.  Easily a 9 in my book.

I’ve also got a song rip-off suggestion. The song All I Want by LCD Soundsystem is heavily influenced by Bowie’s Heroes. Listen to the guitar riff starting at around 20 seconds into the song. It may be a homage, though, knowing the band. 

Love you more than a friend.  


Dear Censored,

I thought you and the small gay Asian man would like this song. Also I thought it was funny that The NY Times put out an article letting everyone know that this song was not based in truth. 

Thank you for your service 


Dear Censored,

Get ready for a real doozy: this video is an interview with a flamboyant 17-year-old transgender male-to-female hijab-wearing trannie with three-inch fake nails and a foul mouth…

“I consider myself a heterosexual woman… Homosexual means a man that is attracted to a man, but I am no longer a man…”
Anything worth hearing is at 0:56 – 5:45

Honestly I feel pretty bad for this kid. He is CLEARLY mentally ill and is suffering from SERIOUS delusions that he is a female member of a religion that would love to give him the death penalty, like, yesterday.

Lord help us all
See ya losers,


Dear Censored,

The whole video is pure truth and you have to love the man for thinking as an individual and not a brain damaged retard. I’m sure if you guys reached out to Jason he’d be more than happy to do an interview with you. Time stamp 38:30 is pretty much up your ally on the BS narrative on police brutality. If you don’t like it I guess eat a gunny sack full of dicks. 


Dear Censored,

My dear, fellow men.
I write to you from the trenches. The war, is love. I find myself in a bit of a quandary. The woman likes me, and I wish it was not so.
She’s not ugly. Her mammary glands are of appealing proportions. Her face, when disguised in make-up, appears rather attractive. Her personality allures with her interest in video-games, and she genuinely listen to my rants on darwinism and evolution.
However, she’s not the woman a MAGA-man desires. She’s promiscuous, and sees not the value of decency, grace and elegance. Any man is free to touch her. She would rather be wild and loose than to slap a mans wrist and tell him to get lost. She has a child outside of marriage. When money comes into her account, she instantly finds paintings, furniture, technology and trips to spend it all on. She throws her garbage out the window of my car.
Bret Weinstein claims a man and a woman can’t just be friends if one is in love with the other. From the male perspective, this resonnates with me. But is it true the other way around? Women are after all cold lizard-people who get over their partners in just two weeks. Men linger on their exes for years and years after the fact…
Can I be friends (with benefits) with her and wait for her crush to go over? This has been my strategy for just over a year now. Or should I cut all ties and let her move on?
I am hesitant to go with the second option, as I live in a small town with few friends who like to travel or do other spontaneous activities in real life. I think it would be lonely and boring if I lost her friendship.
I will be imprisoned in January for assaulting a dunce. I must say, your advice to «end the fights they start» is truly terrible, Mr. McInnes.
I have friends of friends of the «Intellectual Dark Web» who say that several women therein have crushes on Mr. Katsu-Rivera. Bridget Phetasy for one.
Kind regards.


Dear Censored,

I was at Target today and happened to notice a book that I thought you’d get a kick from. 
You always claim that “the radical leftists say it’s not enough to not be racist, you have to be anti-racist.” I always thought to myself “nah Gav, that’s a fringe point of view and normal people don’t think like that” but damnit, you always end up correct. I’ve attached a picture of the book “How to be an Anti-Racist” for your viewing pleasure. Keep in mind, this is in a Target in a red city in Texas. If that’s here, I wonder what shit is in stores across blue cities and states. 
I like Ryan more than a friend but I wanna fuck you with my heels on. 


Dear Censored,

There’s a new documentary from HBO called “Transhood” where they show a clip from an LGBT church. In the clip, they have a weird sacrament where a young boy gets to
publicly declare that he’s a girl.

It’s kind of like a sick aberration of child baptism.

I’ve attached the video.

I like you more than a friend.


Dear Censored,

 I’m not sure if this story is something you’ll be sent 400 times or if it is something that would otherwise fly under the gaydar. Forevermore, Sade’s music is officially ruined for me. I’ll never be able enjoy her angelic voice and soothing Pure Moods-esqe grooves again without my brain going straight to her offspring’s burrito-cock scar. Can you imagine that something as sexy as a Sade spawned a thing that should have been equally as sexy, only to Frankenstein itself into just another black dude with bad tats? Fucking YIKES. Which comes first in the coming years: Domestic battery charges, drug charges, the Frankenkid’s suicide, or Sade’s suicide? Clown World at it’s most cringe. 

You, me, and Ryan with his heels on… the 3 of us in the fag zone being more than friends. No homo,
Sade’s transgender son proudly shows off gender confirmation surgery scars: ‘They set me free’

Dear Censored,

Watch “How to break a man – most honest girl ever” on YouTube


Dear Censored,

 know most Brits seem to be pussies these days even though we used to rule most of the world, but check this guy out, he’s a flashback to an old school tough Brit.

I like you more than my friends new sunglasses.

Dear Censored,

Ciao, tesoro!   

A subscriber from Slovakia here. No, it’s not Czechoslovakia, you illiterate dwarf. Hasn’t been for almost thirty years.   

Anyway, please, overcome your laziness and read the whole thing!  

I know, you consider central Europe to be a shithole and generally do not care for what is going on in here, but some major precedents, which could eventually affect even American citizens have been taking place here.   

COVID-19 prevention regulations are getting more draconian by the day, ”the salami technique” (the reaching of a goal by using small, consistent steps and pushing the boundaries just a little further each time) has been applied consistently since the first wave of COVID-19 cases, but never has the goal of the boundary-pushers been so blindingly obvious.  

Slovakia’s current prime minister, a strongly polarizing figure, is a legitimate mental patient. He is believed to have a personality disorder – he has CRIED (as in ejected salty water from his tear glands) at SEVERAL of his press conferences to the point of having to step off the podium, because he was unable to continue his speech. He was ”feeling heartbroken for all the families affected by COVID-19”. !!!CLOWN WORLD!!! So much for being a strong leader of a country in crisis. Anyway, there have been many other instances of him evidently being a mentally unstable individual, which I won’t bore you with. Let me just say, that it’s no coincidence, that this easily controllable lunatic with a trembling voice has been chosen to perform an unconstitutional experiment on his own citizens.   

Apparently, the cow Angela Merkel has appointed him to ”lead by example” (his own words) and ”show Europe the proper way to beat the virus”. His task was to introduce and implement ”voluntary” nation-wide testing with the goal of detecting people infected with COVID-19. I put the word voluntary in quotation marks, because those who decided not to take part in this bullshit (as me and my family did) were financially sanctioned by the state and had to self-quarantine for almost two weeks. Many people, though angry, showed up at these screenings, because they had no choice. In order to be able to work, they needed to have a medical certificate saying they were tested and that they were in fact COVID-19-negative.  

Merkel said that if successful in Slovakia, nation-wide testing would be implemented in Germany as well. Leaders of other European countries have claimed the same. 

Well, if the whole Europe was watching, the government surely did their best to make the operation seamless, right? Nope. It was a shitshow. Many testing points lacked material and human resources, even though the Slovak Army was involved. People had to wait in queues for hours, sometimes in pouring rain and got sick as a result. If that wasn’t CLOWNWORLD-y enough for you, it came to light that the purchase of the anti-gene tests was a shameful scam involving the prime minister himself. 

Foreign governments have willfully overlooked the logistical difficulties of this nightmare and are PRAISING Slovakia. They want to ”follow in our steps if necessary”. This just shows you that they don’t really care about the results of the testing. 

Many lawyers and experts from the medical field have spoken out against the testing. Violation of human rights is indisputable, as are logical inconsistencies when it comes to the rules of spreading of the horrible, naughty, no good, very bad virus.   

I am sure you can see how dangerous these precedents are. What’s next? Will there be ”voluntary” vaccination? Will the sanctions for not getting vaccinated be even more harsh? If I do not cooperate, will the Armed Forces drag me out of my living room into a testing station?   

In the context of ‘the Great Reset’, these counterproductive steps of our government start to make sense. I believe that we are in the midst of a Deep-State-run process, which is meant to make us more submissive and open to the idea of mandatory vaccination and a possibly endless lockdown.  

Make no mistake, all this pertains not only to the small country of Slovakia, but already to Europe and possibly other continents. I’m sure that Biden would cum all over his reptile scales at the idea of mandatory vaccination. We should not take this situation lightly. I truly believe that this is, as Alex Jones says, a threat to pro-human future.   

Am I seeing patterns where there are none? Help me out here! Also, let me fuck you with my heals on!  

(P.S. Below is a picture of the “certificate”, without which I CAN’T exercise my right to work, right to gather, etc. It is just an easily falsifiable piece of fucking office paper. No watermarks, nothing.) 


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Beef Squad is you guys in 10 years this show is so fuckin good, it definitely catches my sense of humour and I look forward to it every week JB and Sir Jim Goad I’m from the UK so I gave him a knighthood suck it queen Betty the 2nd, well worth the Censored.TV subscription also Gdog you pick the best people to be on your network one problem Trump with an accent from Ryan on his video must never be done again it was fucking awful even the people there were saying what was that shit do Tony Soprano.


Dear Censored,

Absolutely love you guys, I’ve just paid for a subscription for my Dad. He’s not Scottish (farken Aussies here) but might as well be with how tight he is! Gav you gotta be nicer to Ryan, he’s a good lad and I love his impressions. I think it would help balance out all the berating if you threw him a (genuine) compliment every now and then.

With all this election fraud being absolutely ignored by the mainstream media I keep thinking of this bit in Rick & Morty and thought it might make a good drop (go to 1:30)

Also this is probably Ancient Chinese Secret that you probably covered when it first came out but just in case I thought I’d share because this guy had some balls to say this:
(I’m completely tech illiterate so hopefully you can open that link 


Keep up the good fight


Dear Censored,

Look up Bob Sapp if you haven’t seen him before, he’s hilarious.
There’s been two of these freak fight shows in Thailand recently, the announcer is a hipster. Gets KTFO



Dear Censored,

I’m back with another ancient Chinese secret, but I’m a skitch older than Gavin, live in South Dakota, and I’m not hip to what the kids are listening to.

They might make a good intro?  They’re kind of like every iconic 80s band rolled into one.  I know you’ll cringe, but picture ABBA, Kansas, Boston, .38 Special, Rush, maybe even Skynard fused into one.
I don’t have the balls to call in, but the reason I started listening to the show is I’d kind of heard of Gavin in conservative circles, but I listened to a show on iTunes where it was mostly Ryan doing impressions and I laughed my ass off.  I was hooked and immediately subscribed.  It was about that time the shit hit the fan and platforms started banning your show.  As sources for listening/watching your show dried up, Freesp… I mean, started, and I signed up right away.
So, as much as people rip on Ryan he definitely got you ONE fan and subscriber.
Also, like that Marine caller of yours, you introduced me to Maker’s Mark and it has helped me get through the Dempanic or Plandemic, and I’m now almost a functional alcoholic depending on how this letter reads.
Take care, love your show, and I can’t think of a clever and rapey line about sunglasses and heels.

— Todd

Dear Censored,

 don’t know how schooled you are in the American 80s popular sitcoms but back in the day, “Silver Spoons” was on top.

Ricky Schroder was the star of “Silver Spoons” and was a major heart throb. Jason Bateman appeared on the show and added to the teen heart throb scene.

Now that Ricky has helped bail out Kyle, I’m sure there are many women thinking back to their teen magazine days when his pages were taped to their walls.

Keep killing it on the shows,


Dear Censored,

This is Cart Narcs latest vid. I think you will get a goos laugh out of it


Dear Censored,

This is a piglet squid, oink oink


Dear Censored,

Gavin look and this story unreal, is this happen in the US, I wonder how many deaths from other illnesses or accidents have been classed as a Chinkinpox deaths pretty pretty interesting.


Dear Censored,

 wanted to share this incredible NYC subway video with you, and get your reaction. Who knew some homeless people were natural born comedians? 
Hope you guys haven’t seen it already:

With love,


Dear Censored,

I just noticed the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed around the election.  I assume this was payment for helping to steal the election.  I figured it might be worth discussing on your show as I haven’t heard anyone else talking about it.


Dear Censored,

word around the office is…


Dear Censored,

The government here in BC just issued some new provincial health orders, Masks mandatory, social distancing, no fun allowed. They did expressly say that we are allowed to go for a walk so long as it doesn’t turn into a gathering, a privilege for which we are all very grateful.
I manage a small company, with about 10 office workers and a bunch of men doing real work who come in and out. As of today we are supposed to wear masks in hallways, breakrooms, at the front desk. Obviously I hate masks and refuse to be a slave to other people’s paranoia. I’ve settled on putting up signs that say – Masks required where physical distancing cannot be maintained. And then not enforcing anything. So far so good, but it will be hard to blame the owner if he comes down on me and wants strict enforcement of the provincial health orders, and even harder to explain to him that the pandemic is all a ruse to create a global communist government. If you have any recommendations on how to weather the coming storm I would appreciate it.
Last thing – Isn’t this what is supposed to happen every now and then? A disease comes through and wipes out the weak and thereby strengthening the herd. This disease could have saved the Canada Pension Plan but instead we went another gazzilion dollars into debt and cancelled Christmas. 
All the best, you guys are my best friends I hang out with you more than anybody now.


Dear Censored,

Was watching tv (BBC) this evening when this old bag came up with a new name for the Proud Boys. You would think these fuck wits would actually learn what they are talking about, or at least learn the fucking name! 
Hope the video plays and apologies I had to record off my tv. 
I like you more than a friend & Cmon the Hibees! 


Dear Censored,

Patrice O’Neal from this bit about disaster capitalism and the Clinton foundation rebuilding Haiti.
Drop at 2:07


Dear Censored,

Anyway fuck that I couldn’t believe you said Bleeps in America stole their identity fi the Scottish I’ve been saying that for years, nobody has picked up on it before thanks for saying it, I get called all the Ist’s and isum’s for saying it but it’s true worst of it is bleeps actually have it better in the UK than Scottish people, also bleeps in America they got freedom from slavery Scotland is still under the thumb of the English, I really think England haven’t given the Scottish  reparations as the bleeps always go on aboot is because we would drink it all or spend it on drugs same as the bleeps in America would do. Also what the fuck is this Irish love for Biden fuck him I’m claiming Trump as the first Scottish President of America if Kamala is black anyway fuck Ryan.


Dear Censored,

Gavin look at this pathetic excuse of a human being. Talk about mental health problems. Anyway like you more than a friend,


Ps: fuck you ryan

Dear Censored,

So this is potentially an ainchen chineesa seecaret, but I only recently came across it. Tom Björklund is a Finnish artist who painted Neanderthals being proto-humans instead of being savages.

I wanna like you more than a friend with my heels on,


Dear Censored,

The COVID scam is the conditioning. Remember in China there was videos of people dropping dead in the street from COVID? False Flags and the Dawn of Bioterrorism:

Huge compilation of facts on Rona and masks:

 Banned info from early on that predicted how this would play out and what the treatment could be:

Git gud on the facts and share the info that swiss doctor link and maybe enough people will wake up to get out of their Bidum basements.

-JB (not that JB)

Dear Censored,

Thanks for reading my letter on the show.  
Part of my concern on the mantis shrimp’s safety comes from your stories of grabbing red efts and chucking them in a tank to impress people.  
However, to keep this email from being COMPLETELY useless, here’s an 18 second video for another hopeful contender for the spot of show pet.



Dear Censored,

Last week you were talking about the weird way your mother’s name was spelled and speculated that some parents were too lazy or stupid to look into the proper spelling. Your hypothesis is correct. A while back my dad knew a neonatal nurse who said that some new mothers, often black, would ask the nurses how to spell certain names. The nurses would purposely give them some fucked-up spelling just to screw with them. The only one I specifically remember is a woman who wanted to name her daughter Bianca. They told her it was spelled Beunkah. Every time I see a black woman with a normal sounding name like Michelle, but then see it is spelled Meeshell, I think that the nurse on duty the day she was born must have been having a bad day. I have a somewhat unique name, and my mother regrets naming me it, as I have to spell it every time I meet someone and no one ever pronounces it properly. Any parent that thinks they are being cute by purposely spelling their kids names weird just to be unique are obnoxious idiots. In closing, my son works with a woman whose mother is a teacher. The following is an actual name of one of her students. I dare you to figure out how to pronounce it:  “La – a”…………………..Give up yet. It is: “Ladasha.” 
Like you more than a pair of new sunglasses,


Dear Censored,

Have you seen this tweet from the UN for International Men’s Day? They somehow made it all about women. It’s practically commendable at this point. As if their anti-male agenda wasn’t prevalent enough already.
Keep up the great work, thanks for the red pill.

– Evan

Dear Censored,

Thought I’d share with you the curriculum used where my sister teaches. Preschool! Fucking preschool! The link at the bottom is equally as frightening as the rest. Check out the suggested books list. FYI my commie dupe of a sister chose Barack Obama as her class’s “VIP.”

How St. Andrews Preschool is Redefining the Norm

Our current society is one where many biased ideas exist related to race, gender, family composition, ethnicity, etc. The assumption is normally made that children do not notice differences related to these biases, yet they in fact do notice differences. At a very young age they “quickly learn from their environment to attach values to those differences and to mimic the dominant society’s discriminatory behavior unless those biases and behaviors are challenged. Children need help recognizing and challenging bias rather than internalizing it.” (Wolpert)

    St. Andrews Preschool has always valued each child and family as they are- so to continue to embrace differences, we have decided to create and implement an anti-bias curriculum to incorporate within our current curriculum. The importance of this approach is to support children in learning to respect and embrace differences among others, and help place positive value on those differences. The four main goals we consider throughout this curriculum are: 1. Identity 2. Diversity 3. Justice 4. Activism 

    This year’s curriculum focuses mainly on anti-racism. Every month we introduce and discuss 2 different “VIP’s” (very important people) of color and something positive and/or historical that they have done. The children ask questions, we read stories, and engage in many different hands-on activities to promote further learning and understanding about these VIP’s. The children are enjoying the process of creating portraits of these VIP’s using special “people colored” crayons, markers, paint, paper and even playdough! 

    We hope to continue to bring positivity and education to our teachers and students to help build a community of proud children and a more just society. We hope to do this by building those four main anti-bias goals- helping children develop a strong sense of self, express comfort and joy with human diversity, recognize and describe unfairness, and feel empowered to stand up against prejudice. 


Wolpert, Ellen. “Redefining the Norm: Early Childhood Anti-Bias  Strategies., 2012, Accessed 15 06 2020.


Dear Censored,

Black Sabbath – “War Pigs” Gun, Guitar, Drum Cover with IraqVeteran8888

Dear Censored,

I’ve been a long-time fan of the show and watch as often as I can. Gavin has a very great esoteric and well-rounded understanding of culture and music but one genre I’ve never heard you mention is that of outlaw country from the 60s and 70s with the greats such as Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. If not, you should check out some of the email links that I’ve attached as they are pretty cool and I think you’d like them.

Merle Haggard had some cool America first songs that I think you would like, the first one from late in his career but very catchy and positive about putting America first

The second one is a classic I’m sure you’ve heard before but in case you haven’t

The second artist is Waylon Jennings is the more fun side of it and his life is pretty interesting if you get into it he was apart of the buddy holly band in its early days and only didn’t die in the fatal plane crash that killed holly because he gave up his seat for another band member the day of the crash. he would run around with Johhny Cash and had a crazy party life in the 1960s doing around 1,500 dollars on cocaine a day as he says which promptly got him investigated by the DEA and he has a song on this which is pretty fun

Again if you already know all this just ignore the email but I’ve never heard you mention it so thought I’d share. wasn’t sure you’d care for the genre until you featured the Tom T Hall song

j’adore tes nouvelles lunettes de soleil


Dear Censored,

Good little clip of 60s men commenting on women being allowed in pubs for the first time. First old boys half cut already and just wants to cop a feel last guy ain’t havin it. Ryan’s a little bitch faggot xx

Watch 00:10 seconds to 01:41 And 03:28 —


Dear Censored,

You will appreciate the musical talent of this duo:


Dear Censored,

Please tell me you saw Ali being an absolute cunt to a patriot


Dear Censored,

Hey Gayvin and Ry Gay,

An SJW friend from SLC rePosted this video to her ig story claiming this was an incident of police brutality towards a black man in Ogden UT, needles too say I watched the whole thing saw no signs and don’t recommend wasting your time being it’s just 7 minutes of a mentally ill and/ or high man being uncooperative with law enforcement we’ve all seen it a million times, BUT!!! In the last minute in the screen recording on the screen recording I’ve attached one of the white girls shouting refers to the man under arrest as “this n*gga” interesting!! That doesn’t sound like something a white girl protesting with BLM should be saying referring to a black person as,  anyway she comes back again calling the white police officers “n*ggers” several times, after calling the officers racists throughout the full video, these SJW are dying for a video to make them go viral yet make themselves look bad and still post it anyway!!!!

Someone should make a compilation video of all these social justice protestors spewing racial slurs.

Anyway Here’s a link to the original Instagram post and a screen recording I took of the post just in case the video gets taken off ig.

Like you more than a friend, and also Gayvin get a real chopper instead of that sissy cafe racer.

Your pal in Connecticut


Dear Censored,

 I was grabbing a few beers at my local liquor store when I noticed they had this bullshit on display. Did Maker’s just capitulate to the bullshit narrative or is this some faggot attempt to cater to Delaware natives? (I’m a DE native by the way) Anyway, I hope this gives you enough reason to take the gentleman who called in a few eps back about drinking more expensive bourbon’s advice and make the switch. I’ve never bought a bottle of Maker’s and I certainly won’t be buying one now. 


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